brett whitacre


The man behind the art...



Where one man sees garbage another man sees potential -- if that's not true then how come there's so much money to be made scalping Garbage tickets? Applying that maxim to art, is Brett Whitacre. Painstakingly stenciled and spraypainted on a variety of reclaimed objects ranging from old storm windows to suitcases, Whitacre creates pop art with a sensibility that's less "What does it all mean?", and more "Hey, isn't that Burt Reynolds?!". Celebrity highlights include the Bandit himself and nine other mustachioed visionaries (Hogan, Shalit, Pryor, etc) in "Feelin' Kinda Mustache"; a stretching, multicolored '80s Jane Fonda in full on pink leotard and legwarmers, and dual images of Richard Simmons (alternately pensive/surprised) painted on a suitcase, because in case you didn't know, Simmons is packin'. They've also got musical imagery in the form of legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich in action, and a seated tuba player in bright red and orange against a black background, along with a less musical, rather grizzled looking "Old Texan Hooker", with whom you'd probably be smart to heed the bumper sticker, and not mess with.

Since all that artistic creativity can work up an appetite, he's also got some more mouthwatering images like the bacon, onion, and tomato-loaded "Barcelona Burger" and a deliciously golden brown fried chicken leg, because you can give a man a chicken leg and he'll eat for the day, but if you paint a man a chicken leg, his frustration will last a lifetime.





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